Ritualistic Practice Recordings Used Across the Nation to Help Officers Prepare for the Initiation Ritual

Feb 13, 2022 | Ritualistic

About 10 years ago I along with a hand picked team of dedicated elks got together with PSP Peter Freiler at his radio station to go into a sound studio and make an Instructional Ritual CD to help those learning the ritual have a reference guide to use.

You could listen to entire ritual start to finish with all the steps, knocks etc. You could listen to each individual officers part, or the exchange between officers when applicable. It was made to help be an extra way to learn the ritual.

Over the years I lost track of it being used for the purpose it was made for here in CT. Then a couple of days ago I received an email from Andrew Salzman of Rawlins Lodge, No. 609.  Andrew noted that the ritual practice tracks had really helped inexperienced officers from his lodge in the past, and he asked how to access them since they were protected by login access.  After contacting the Website Committee, Andrew registered for the website and now has access to all of the ritualistic recording materials. Andrew noted how useful the recordings were.

The practice tracks produced by the Connecticut Elks Association have been very helpful to the officers of the Rawlins Lodge No. 609 in preparation for the initiation ritual. I personally use them to help myself go over the Exalted Ruler parts at times when I cannot read from a book. I can practice during commutes or while doing other tasks. They allow for the maximization of practice time and a great refresher!

Now I had no idea where lodge 609 was located until I looked it up. Rawlins Wyoming. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined that the recordings would go outside the boundaries of CT. Upon reading this I would imagine all who helped make these recordings are proud that our work has accomplished what we set out to do, help officers learn their parts when it comes to our ritual, no matter what part of this country they come from.  So I say to any officer wanting to learn your part, go to ritual page and listen to and/or download the recordings for your lodge.  All you need to do to gain access is register for the website.


Peter Nelson, PDD
Ritualistic Committee Chair



Exalted Ruler – Peter H. Freiler PSP
Leading Knight – Suzanne Novaco PER
Loyal Knight – Lisa LaBarre PER
Lecturing Knight – Brenda Williams PSEOY
Secretary – William J. Chinn, Jr. PSP
Esquire – Peter Nelson PDD
Chaplain – David Overton PER
Inner Guard – Mary Hill
Additional Voices – Steve Parker, Denise Karolyi, Cynththia Esposito, Joe Lagano, and Gerry Cantlon