Membership Committee

Growing membership is vital to all lodges in the state of CT.  This committee helps local lodges gain and keep members!

Committee Members

Visit the Membership Toolkit page on for information on programs for your membership and your statatistics for your lodge.

membership committee

Mel Rivera, PSP Mike Bonini, Julie Goode PDD, and Ray Dunbar PDD.


Elks Meeting the Challenge in December Chicago, IL –Local Elks Lodges from every state nationwide, as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and the Panama Canal Zone, will be busy helping our communities this holiday season. Thousands of financially struggling...

Keep Membership Gain Your Number One Priority!

by Bob Magowan PDD, Membership Committee ChairJuly 2021 We all had a trying and difficult time with Membership last year but lets rally now and get back the members we lost with a strong Lapsation Committee.   The record book shows 1,207 new members were initiated and...