Drug Awareness Committee

The Connecticut Elks Association promotes activities to prevent children from using drugs.  This committee sponsors annual contests and provides learning materials to support its mission.  

Committee Members

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Video Contest

Open to two groups:  grades 4-8 & high school.  Video applicants are required to include a parental release.

Essay Contest

Open to 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students.

Poster Contest

Open to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.  

Informational Powerpoint

Helpful hints for applications.  

Resources for Local Lodges

Drug Awareness TrailerCurrently four Elroys are available throughout the state for your lodge events and one CT Elks Association trailer. The calendar can quickly inform you if the trailer or Elroy(s) are available on the date you would like to use them – remember, there is more than one Elroy available.                           

To reserve either or both, email the State Chairman via the link below stating what the event is, when is the event, how long it will last, who the contact is and their phone number(s) and what is requested (Elroy, Elroy and Trailer or Trailer only). The state chairman will email confirmation of your request.

When transporting the trailer, please know that a proper towing vehicle must be used with electrical hook ups. The trailer should always be cleaned (organized and swept clean) after an event and ready for use by the next lodge (don’t expect someone else to clean up your mess!) An Elk must be available to stay in/with the trailer while in use – never leave the trailer unattended. The trailer is generally unavailable for use during the winter months so it can be maintained. When transferring the trailer from one lodge to another, there is a mandatory inspection checklist for both the pickup lodge and prior lodge to fill out.

Contact Mary Smith to make a reservation.

Reservation/availability calendar for Elroy and the Drug Awareness Trailer.  

Check below to see if Elroy or the Trailer is available for use.  Contact Mary Smith for more details on reserving either one.  

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About the Elks National Drug Awareness Program

The Elks National Drug Awareness Program strives to teach all children and parents about the dangers of illegal drug use and prevent the abuse of legalized and prescription drugs. As the largest volunteer drug awareness program in the United States, the program relies on state, district and Lodge volunteers to promote a drug-free lifestyle. By taking pride in America’s communities and youth, the program takes action against youth drug use through education and inspiration.


Elroy and friends keeping kids off drugs

Since 1982, the Elks have developed an effective, community-based drug prevention program by partnering with federal agencies including the Drug Enforcement Agency, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and national organizations such as Pride Youth Programs. These partnerships ensure the Elks Drug Awareness Program addresses the leading drug abuse issues facing communities today.


Elks believe that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. With that in mind, the Elks Drug Awareness Program reaches out to youth of all ages and backgrounds. Through the 2,100 Lodges in communities across the country, Elks work to combat youth substance abuse. Elroy the Elk, the program’s mascot, reminds young kids that hugs are better than drugs, while older kids see the affects of alcohol consumption by wearing fatal vision goggles.

An Elk instructs children on the dangers of drugs and alcohol


Every year, the Elks Drug Awareness Program hands out more than seven million pieces of anti-drug literature to parents, teachers and kids. The brochures are primarily distributed through the program’s 90 drug education trailers, which travel to community gatherings, such as fairs and sporting events. The Elks have also teamed with Marvel Comic Books to produce a book featuring Marvel superheroes and Elroy the Elk in a battle against underage drinking. Other educational materials offered by the program include prevention tools for parents, videos, coloring books, posters and public service announcements.


From a young age, the Drug Awareness Program asks kids to think about what it means to be drug free. Through the program’s annual essay and poster contests, kids can express their feelings on rejecting peer pressure. At events, including Red Ribbon Week ceremonies, Elks and their friends serve as role models who show kids that living drug free is the way to be.

Enrique Camarena Award


2024 Enrique Camarena Award Recipient

Rocky Hill PD Sergeant Jeffrey Foss-Rugan Named 2024 Enrique Camarena Award Recipient at the Connecticut Elks Association Charities Level and Grand Lodge Drug Awareness Commission Level.

Fentanyl Continues to be Top Killer

Fentanyl continues to be the top killer. Only 2mg, the tip of a pencil point, is deadly.

Nominate a Law Enforcement Officer for the Enrique Camarena Award for Drug Prevention by November 30th

The Enrique Camarena Award recognizes law enforcement officers who are positive role models…

Elks Drug Awareness Videos



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