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This committee manages relations with the State of Connecticut and aids lodges in their interactions with local government.

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1099 Reporting Requirement Update

The IRS 1099 requirement overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate and the bills are now before the Joint Conference Committee for resolution of the bill differences. The Elks of Connecticut need to contact by LETTERS, House and Senate members asking that they support Joint Conference Committee reports HR 47 and S 223, as it pertains to our 1099 repeal amendment.

Had the 1099 bill been enacted, all subordinate lodges would have been required to complete the following forms.

All companies (lodges) with a tax exempt status, would have to issue a 1099 form for goods or services in excess of $600.00. Examples: utility bills, trash pick-up, plumbing or electrical repairs, office supplies, phone company and liquor supply. This would be for all services obtained in a calendar year.

Small Business Job Act: payments for property; rental property of a lodge in excess of $600 per-calendar-year requires a 1099 filing.

W-9’s issued to vendors to maintain information for reporting on 1099’s, including name, address, TIN, etc. Credit Card transactions for all payments would be exempt from 1099 requirements, but credit card companies would substantially increase fee use.

I urge all lodges in Connecticut to respond to requests to contact your Legislators and make known your support, or disapproval of legislation. It takes only a few minutes to go on line and make your feelings known. Past State President Buddy Patrizzi has requested lodges contact your representatives and show support for the property tax exemption legislation now introduced in bill form. This law effects every lodge, and would be a great benefit to have the tax on our lodge properties exempted from payment. It would be a tremendous loss to lose this legislation because the law makers who vote on it, did not receive any input from the people it would directly affect. Their attitude will be, ‘If they don’t care, either do I “, when the bill comes to a vote.

IRS Audit Help Document

Here is a copy of the information that was presented to the State Chairman at the Grand Lodge Government Relations Seminar in Oklahoma City. This information is very valuable for every Elk lodge in the country, and I urge every Lodge in Connecticut to download this information and become familiar with it, or discuss it with their accountants.

All lodges are with in the realm of possibility of having an IRS audit conducted on them, and we should all have a heads up on what the IRS is looking for.


Important ‘Sign In Book’ Update 

There has been some confusion around the state over guest book sign in requirements. Here I have listed the Connecticut General Statute number, title of the statute, and what it means to your Lodge.

30-23a : Guest Book requirements Under Club Permits

  • Non member guests visiting a lodge must be signed in as guests.
  • Members of a lodge, visiting another lodge are required to sign in as guests.

30-24 : Spouses of Club Members

  • Spouses of a lodge member shall not be considered guests and are not required to sign the guest book. (The statute mentions “privileges” of said club, but for our purposes, privileges mean use of the clubroom.)

30-24b : Auxiliary Club Members

  • Auxiliary Club members, who are spouses of members, or surviving spouses of deceased members, shall not be considered guests, and are not required to sign the guest book. (This is for Emblem Clubs and Does Clubs.)

Number of Guest Books Within A lodge:

  •  Opinion of Liquor Commission is that a Lodge may use multiple guest books in various lodge rooms, but each book must be properly maintained.

 I hope this information has provided some clarification. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and my information is in the state directory.

From the Mid-Year 2009 Meeting in Naugatuck

Here are some of the files that were provided by the guest speakers at the January 10, 2009 Mid-Year Meeting. All files are in Adobe PDF format.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

IRC 501(c)(8) Fraternal Beneficiary Societies – 2004 EO CPE

Notice 1340 – Tax-Exempt Organizations and Raffle Prizes

Gaming Publication for Tax-Exempt Organizations

Division of Special Revenue (DSR)

Application for Permit to Sell Sealed Tickets (Individual)

DSR Press Release on Poker Tournaments

Division of Special Revenue Contact Info

Business Address:

Division of Special Revenue

555 Russell Road

Newington, CT 06111-1523

Phone: (860) 594-0500 (Local)

Fax: (860) 594-0509

Mailing Address:
Division of Special Revenue
P.O. Box 310424
Newington, CT 06131-0424


From the Mid-Year 2008 Meeting

There were two guest speakers at the Government Relations seminar. They were:

Thomas J. Saadi
Assistant Attorney General


Stanley G. Burk
Supervising Agent Liquor Control Division


Here are some links to the Liquor Control for the State of CT:

This is the page that list the Agents and their numbers. Click Here

This page gives the Mission Statement and links to permits, etc. Click Here

This link has the complete Liquor Control Act. This link includes information on Club Permits which the Elks fall under: “Sec. 30-23. Club permits. (a) A club permit shall allow the retail sale of alcoholic liquor to be consumed on the premises of a club but only by members or their guests. The annual fee for a club permit shall be two hundred forty dollars.” Click Here Portal:

State and National Legislators:

SLGN Directory:

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