Elks Training Quiz

The Elks Training is a continuation of the former Grand Lodge program. The Elks Training Quiz is open to all Elks to further your knowledge of the Elks Constitution, Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Protocols and Rituals of the Order. All Elks should take the quiz. The quiz starts at the State Mid-Year Convention and will be online until April 1st. The Lodge with the most members taking the quiz will be the winner of the Roswell Edgecomb Award.  

The quiz is offered in PowerPoint as a Jeopardy Quiz.  Once you complete the quiz, you can click on the link on the last slide to enter your information so that your lodge gets credit.   

2024 update – we switched to a Jeopardy format.  Download the Powerpoint and try your luck!

Powerpoint version (best for downloading) CT-Elks-Training-Game-2024

PDF Version (best for viewing in your browser) CT-Elks-Training-Game-2024

Once you’ve completed the quiz, enter your information here.


Seth Miller PDD
CT Elks State Chairman Business Practices and Training

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