Connecticut Elks Vote to Support National US Coast Guard Museum

At the 2024 Midyear convention, the Connecticut Elks Association Charities, Inc. (CEAC) membership voted unanimously in favor of supporting the construction of the US Coast Guard Museum, one of the nation’s premier national military museums.  The National Coast Guard Museum will be completed in late 2025 and open to the public in 2026.  So far, the museum has raised $44 million of the $50 million needed to complete it.  This museum will feature 85,000 square feet of modern museum architecture, including a STEM learning center, an event center, three different mock mission exercises, and special resources for children learners.  Located on the Northeast Corridor line of Amtrak, the museum estimates 300,000 visitors per year will attend.

Veteran recognition directly benefits the mental health of veterans and a well-designed museum will inspire others to support them.  Children exposed to military mission will gain respect for those who have served and may be inspired to serve themselves.

The CEAC will contribute $250,000 to support the building of the museum at $50,000 per year for five years.  At this donation level, the CEAC will be permanently recognized on the Wall of Philanthropy (one of only 100 names so far) and on a medium sized exhibit at the museum.  Recognition will occur upon the first payment of $50,000.  CEAC leadership will receive invitations to participate in all major CG museum functions, including the early opening of the museum.  The museum will also host a yearly Connecticut Elks day.

Opportunities for local lodges to donate include the paver program: for $1000, the lodge receives a paver with their name on it in the courtyard.  All CT Elks lodges will be placed adjacent to one another.  Individuals or other Elks groups (Riders, PER associations) may also contribute.

The motion to make the donation was made at the CEAC mid-year convention in January and passed upon unanimous vote.  The committee will work after that date to build enthusiasm and support for the program, including the paver program, by visiting local lodges, conducting an advertisement campaign on Facebook, creating a webpage at the CT Elks Association Charities Inc. website, and more.

Overall the CEAC is proud to contribute to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will help raise visibility and awareness for the Elks and their programs while simultaneously supporting veterans, a key component of the Elks mission.  We Are The Elks!

Coast Guard Museum Committee (ad hoc)

This ad hoc committee supports the construction of the US Coast Guard Museum in Connecticut.

Committee Members