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Facility Rental Insurance Program

Elks Lodge Facility Rental Insurance Program
The purpose of the Facilities Rental Program announced last fall is to provide a means of affordable insurance coverage for a Lodge who rents their facilities out to others. Pages 10 & 11 of the Liability Insurance Program Guide outline the requirements when a Lodge rents its facilities and, if the renter is unable to comply with the insurance requirements, then the Lodge should turn to this Program. It provides $500,000 of General Liability and Liquor Liability to both the Lodge and the Renter for the event.
We are pleased to announce a new way for all Lodges to purchase the Facilities Rental insurance policy… A link to K&K Insurance Group,, has been installed on the Safety & Insurance tab in the Members Only Section on the ELKS.ORG website. Simply click on the link and you will be taken to the online application. Follow the easy directions to complete the application, complete the payment section and submit. Your application will go directly to the Insurance Company for policy issuance. You and the renter will receive a Certificate of Insurance that covers both of you for the event.
Just as before, the cost per event is:
¢ $155.00 for Lodge members
¢ $162.00 for non-members
GL suggests the Lodge pay for the coverage and then just roll the cost into the rental agreement. However, if you have the renter’s credit card information, and they agree to have the cost of the insurance added to their card, you may use the renter’s card.
To obtain more information please call any member of the Elks Insurance Program Team at 1.800.421.3557.  They look forward to being of service to you.

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Accident/Claim Prevention Manual

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Liability Insurance Program Book

Property Plus Program Guide

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A brief description of the insurance coverage provided and available to the Lodges of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

For more information contact a member of the Safety & Accident Prevention Committee.

The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks mandate liability, property and crime insurance under Sections 4.231 and 4.233 of the Statutes of the Order. Subordinate Lodges are to be insured under the Master Liability Program and the Property Plus Programs. Boiler & Machinery or Systems Breakdown is also mandated if a Lodge of the Order secures this coverage.

Optional insurance coverage for Directors & Officers Liability and trailers owned by the Lodge are available under programs designed specifically for you.

Other insurance coverage may be arranged with Aon, including various bonds, special events coverage and flood insurance. We recommend every Lodge carry Worker’s Compensation insurance through a local agent.

The mandatory and optional programs are administered by Aon Risk Services. Aon’s toll free number is 1.800.421.3557.

The State Association is included under the Master Liability Program, but the State Major Project is excluded and therefore it must be insured separately.

Questions about liability coverage, administration or service of the program may be directed to Grand Lodge Insurance Department Director Brian P. O’Neill at 1.773.755.4714.

Claims Reporting
Liability claims for bodily or personal injury or damages to property of others are to be reported to:
Gallagher Bassett Insurance Services, Inc.
1.800.223.7006 (FAX)

Claims for loss or damage to your property are to be reported to:
Aon Risk Services
1.312.381.2751 (FAX)

Liability Insurance
The Elks Master Liability Program provides for defense and payments of claims for bodily or personal injury and property damage arising from your Lodge operations. This coverage applies to your owned or leased premises or away from your premises. Also provided is coverage for liquor liability, products and lodge liability for a hired or non-owned automobile. Coverage is not provided for any owned vehicle.

Medical payments are available to members, guests or volunteers. Coverage is not available to persons injured during an athletic contest or event, nor does it apply to an employee during the course of his/her employment. This coverage is provided only on a secondary basis.

Lodge officers, trustees, employees and volunteers are named insured under this policy while acting on behalf of the Lodge.

The policy does not provide coverage for:
• Any automobile owned by the Lodge
• Any injury to or claim made by an employee
• Any owned aircraft
• Any owned watercraft except as described in  the Liability Insurance Program Booklet
• Wrongful Acts by officers, trustees or  employees
• Any employment issues
• State Major Projects

A more complete description of this coverage is provided in the Liability Insurance Program Booklet supplied to each Lodge Secretary and Accident Prevention Chairman by the Insurance Department.

Questions regarding Liability Insurance are directed to:
Brian P. O’Neill, Director
Department of Insurance

Property Plus Program
All Lodges of the Order are required to purchase the Property Plus Program in compliance with Section 4.232 of the Statutes of The Order. The Program includes coverage for direct physical loss or damage to real and personal property with the exception of flood, earthquake and wear and tear. Also included is coverage for Employee Dishonesty, Forgery and loss of Money & Securities. This coverage applies to Officers of the Lodge, making separate bonds unnecessary.

Other coverage provided includes: Loss of Income and Extra Expense, Accounts Receivable, Valuable Papers, Data Processing Hardware, Software, Extra Expense, Fine Arts, Signs, Food Spoilage, Pollution Cleanup, newly acquired property and property under construction.

The Amounts of Insurance you selected are shown on the Certificate of Coverage sent to you each year by Aon.

Loss to real and personal property is adjusted on a replacement cost basis if the property is replaced.

The Amounts of Insurance should be reviewed annually and discussed with your Customer Service Agent at Aon.

Questions regarding Property Plus should be directed to Aon Risk Services 1.800.421.3557.

Optional Systems Breakdown (Boiler & Machinery) Coverage
You may be required to provide certifications to government agencies for the operation of certain equipment, i.e. steam boiler, air compressor units, etc. System breakdown coverage can insure these and all other electrical equipment for internal loss or damage. Inspection and certificates may be provided to you.

This coverage is only provided if there is a coverage limit and deductible amount shown on your certificate. For a quote, you may contact Aon.


Other Coverage
Directors and Officers Liability
Directors and Officers Liability can be obtained on a voluntary basis from Aon through a discounted program specifically for the Elks. D&O coverage provides the Lodge and its Officers and Directors, Trustees, Employees, Committeemen and Volunteers with defense and indemnity for their wrongful acts or omissions in the performance of their duties for the Lodge.

Coverage extends to membership disputes and claims made by employees for discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment or other employment matters.

Questions about D&O Liability, or, for an application, call Aon at 1.800.421.3557.


The bonding requirements of Section 16.32 of the Grand Lodge Statues are met by the Employee Dishonesty coverage of the PROPERTY PLUS Program.

Bonds for other business requirements are available. Call Aon at 1.800.421.3557.


Worker’s Compensation
State laws require employers to provide their employees with worker’s compensation benefits. The requirements vary by state. It is strongly recommended that all Lodges purchase Workers Compensation coverage through a local agent, even if there are no employees, to provide defense coverage.

Flood Insurance is an optional coverage and there is no coverage for flood under the PROPERTY PLUS
Program. Questions about Flood Insurance, or, for an application, call Aon at 1.800.421.3557.

Important Contact Information:

Master Liability
Claim Reporting

Claims for bodily or personal injury, or damage to property of others are reported to:
Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
1.800.223.7006 (FAX)

 Questions on liability Insurance should be directed to:
Mr. Brian P. O’Neill
Director, Elks Insurance Department

 Certificates of liability Insurance requests should be directed to:
Aon Risk Services
300 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60606-6670
1.800.421. 3 5 57
1.312.381.2751 (FAX)

 Claims for loss or damage to your property are reported to:
 Property Plus

Aon Risk Services
1.312.381.2751 (FAX)

Directors and Officers Liability
Directors & Officers liability claims are reported to:

Aon Risk Services
1.312.381.2751 (FAX)



in the Grand Lodge Accident Prevention Newsletter…

… pass them along to your Lodge Chairman!

REVISED Grand Lodge Accident/Claims Prevention Manual

Accident/Claim Prevention Manual (Code 513100), Revised 5/2010)

TIPS: Preventing Alcohol Tragedies Through Better Skills and Increased Confidence

The success of our recent TIPS training programs across the state has shown that our Lodges are concerned about our Members and want to provide the training necessary to promote a safe and healthy environment.

TIPS trains servers, sellers, and consumers of alcohol how to prevent intoxication, drunk driving, and underage drinking. If you would like more information on the program please contact anyone from the committee.

We’ve provided a link to the TIPS Trainer Newsletter for additional information and insight into the program.

Click on the link below to find out more about TIPS Training