Soccer Shoot 2019 Results

Sep 5, 2021 | Soccer

The winners of the 2019 Soccer Shoot Competition are:

Area One Results

U8 Margaux. N Milford Honorable mention
U10 Ashlyn. S Milford 4th
U12 Mae. A Naugatuck 3rd
U14 Analise. P Waterbury 1st
U8 Jacob. S Winsted Honorable mention
U10 Julian. V Naugatuck 4th
U12 Parker. Z Southington Honorable mention
U14 Andre. F Enfield 3rd

State of Connecticut Results                                  

U-8 Girls 
4th Andrea. M Enfield 2222
3rd Julia. F Torrington 372
2nd Janelle. E Danielson 1706
1st Margaux. N Milford 1589
U-8 Boys
4th Lawson. L Wallingford 1365
3rd Chase. K Rockville 1359
2nd James. B Milford 1589
1st Jacob. S Winsted 844
U-10 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Greta. A Naugatuck 967
2nd Attila. J Danielson 1706
1st Ashlyn. H Milford 1589
U-10 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Jacob. B Manchester 1893
2nd Benicio. C Brandford 1939
1st Julian. V Naugatuck 967
U-12 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Colbie. G Danielson 1706
2nd Aubrey. G Enfield 2222
1st Mae. A Naugatuck 967
U-12 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Zadian. P Groton 2163
2nd Michal. Z Derby 571
1st Parker. Z Southington 1669
U-14 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Kelsey. B Rockville 1359
2nd Audrey. M Enfield 2222
1st Annalisa. P Waterbury 265
U-14 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Owen. T Danielson 1706
2nd Julian. S Milford 1589
1st Andre. F Enfield 2222
Francis A. Joyce award winners
Top Score 5 goal contest:
U-8 Girl Marguex. N Milford 1589
U-8 Boys Jacob. S Winsted 844 
Top Scores grid goal:
U-10 Girls Ashlyn. H Milford 1589
U-10 Boys Julian. V Naugatuck 967

District Results

East District                                    

U-8 Janelle E. Danielson 1706
U-10 Attila J. Danielson 1706
U-12 Colbie G. Danielson 1706
U-14 Kelsey B. Rockville 1359
U-8 Chase K. Rockville 1359
U-10 Jacob B. Manchester 1893
U-12 Zadian P. Groton2163
U-14 Own T. Danielson 1706

Central District

U-8 Andrea M. Enfield 2222
U-10 Tziporah D. Enfield 2222
U-12 Aubrey G. Enfield 2222
U-14 Audrey M. Enfield 2222
U-8 Lawon L. Wallingford 1365
U-10 N/A
U-12 Seager R. Enfield 2222
U-14 Andre F. Enfield 2222

Northwest District

U-8 Julia F.r Torrington 372
U-10 Greta A. Naugatuck 967
U-12 Mae A. Naugatuck 967
U-14 Annalisa P. Waterbury 265
U-8 Jacob S. Winsted 844
U-10 Julian V. Naugatuck 967
U-12 Parker Z. Southington 1669
U-14 N/A

Coastal District

U-8 Margux N. Milford 1589
U-10 Ashlyn S. Milford 1589
U-12 Molly C. MIlford 1589
U-14 N/A
U-8 James B. Milford 1589
U-10 Benicio C. Milford 1589
U-12 Michal Z. Milford 1589
U-14 Julian Sevillana Milford 1589