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News from Around the State

By Frank DeFazio, PDD, CEA VAVS REP

On October 2, 2016 a meeting was held for the Veterans, Hides For Vets, program. The meeting was held at the Middletown #771 Lodge. Aprox 30+ members and friends attended. This is the first year of this program in Connecticut and it was explained to every one present. The hides will be collected, salted and stored for a one time shipment to a tannery in Tennesse. These hides will be then be processed into leather pelts to be give to our veterans for projects or wheelchair gloves. A video was also shown on how to prepare the hides for collecting and shipping.

We discussed were the hides would be dropped off after they were prepared. Stamford, Bristol, Branford and Manchester lodges volunteered to receive the hides. They would all be dropped off at Middletown Lodge at a future date to be announced.

After the video was shown we had  Q. & A. session given by 2 members of the Stamford Lodge; Billy Kuba and Tony Markosky. Last year as an experiment they collected, prepared and shipped 25 hides to the tannery in the name of the Connecticut Elks Association Veterans program.

Any questions or ideas will be welcomed. Lets build this program up and make it a great response from the CEA program to our Vets for all they have done for us. You do not have to be an ELK to help us participate in this program. Neighbors, gun clubs and hunting clubs are welcome.

Hunting season is here. Lets collect those hides and put them to good use before they are all thrown away or destroyed.

For more information contact Frank DeFazio 203-968-6301


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Our Programs (from http://www.elks.org/vets/programs.cfm)

(This is a list of the Nationally sanctioned Veterans-oriented projects.  Many more have been established on a state-to-state and Lodge-to-Lodge basis.)

Youth/Veteran Volunteer Program: This innovative new program allows us to fulfill our commitment to America's youth while continuing to serve our nation's veterans.

Adopt-a-Veteran Program: Like an army of hope, Elks everywhere are living up to their pledge to hospitalized veterans.

Featured Veteran: Two new profiles: Joseph Kowaleski and Tom Layow.

Veterans Leather Program: VA medical centers across the country rely on the Elks for tooling leather used in occupational and recreational therapy.

Veterans Remembrance: Remembering our veterans is a daily proposition for the Elks. Nevertheless, each November we redouble our efforts.

Re-Creation USA: This group of entertainers travels the nation, performing at VA medical centers, and they couldn't do it without the Elks.

Playing Cards for Veterans: The Elks now offer playing cards for hospitalized veterans