Welcome to the Connecticut Elks Association Soccer Shoot Committee Page


Soccer Shoot Committee

Thomas Matthews PER
(860) 738-7450
85 Rock St.
Winsted, CT 06098-1510

State Chairman

George Gilhuly 
(203) 980-5890
17 Merryman Lane
Wallingford, CT 06492-2087

Central District

Edward Baranyai Sr. PER 
(203) 260-4082
2 Reeds Lane
Stratford, CT 06614-3237

Coastal District

Mary Hill 
(860) 912-7485
91 Crown Knoll Ct. Unit 129
Groton, CT 06340-6292

East District

Daniel W. Matthews PER 
(860) 485-8571
197 Oak St.
Winsted, CT 06098

Northwest District

District Soccer Shoots 2021:
Check back soon for information about the District Shoots
East District - October 3 at Groton Lodge. 
Registration 10 am, Shoot at 1030
Central District - October 3 at Veterans Memorial Field
1029-1061 East Center St., Wallingford, CT 06492
Registration 10:30 am, Shoot at 11 am
Coastal District - September 25th (rain date 26th)
735 Old Town Rd., Bridgeport, CT 06606
Registation 9:30 am, Shoot at 10 am
Northwest District - September 25th 
Pearson School, 2 Wetmore Ave, Winsted, CT 06098
Registration 9:30 am, Shoot and 10 am
All participants Need to bring their verification paperwork or will not be able to shoot. Please forward me all your winners information when you have it complete.
State Soccer Shoot 2021:
The CT State Soccer Shoot will be held on October 17, 2021, at Sports World
226 Main St. 
East Windsor, CT 06088
Registration at 9:30 am (bring a copy of contestant's birth certificate)
Competition at 10:30 am
No outdoor cleats allowed.
Area 1 Soccer Shoot 2021:
November 5-7, 2021 at Fore Kicks, Marlboro, MA
219 Forest St.
Marlborough, MA
Host Lodge:
Auburn Lodge
754 South Bridge, St.
Auburn, MA
Contestant/State Director Hotel
Hampton Inn
736 Southbridge St.
Auburn, MA 01501
Room rate - $119/person; Meals - $30/person
All checks make payable to Massachusetts Elks Charitable Trust
Busses Only to and from Contest Venue
Soccer Shoot Program Materials:

2021 – 2022 B.P.O. ELKS

 Grand Lodge Youth Activities Committee

 “Soccer Shoot Program”

Your age as of January 1, 2021*


7 & Under (U-8) Minimum age 4

 8 & 9 (U-10)

 10 & 11 (U-12)

 12 & 13 (U-14)

14 & 15 (U-16)** 

**U-16 is local level only.  Winners do not move on to district, state, or Area 1 competitions.  

Important Changes:  Rule #10 - on the small goals, face of ball must be behind the line, not on the line.  

Below are a variety of useful manuals and forms for your

Soccer Shoot

Soccer Shoot Manual

Age Chart

Competition Form

Contest Event Report

U8 Score Sheet

U10-U12-U14 Score Sheet


Any Questions or Comments, send them to State Chairman, or any of the district Chairs. Thank You!




Soccer Shoot 2019 Results:

Area One Results
U8 Margaux. N Milford Honorable mention
U10 Ashlyn. S Milford 4th
U12 Mae. A Naugatuck 3rd
U14 Analise. P Waterbury 1st
U8 Jacob. S Winsted Honorable mention
U10 Julian. V Naugatuck 4th
U12 Parker. Z Southington Honorable mention
U14 Andre. F Enfield 3rd
State of Connecticut Results                                  
U-8 Girls 
4th Andrea. M Enfield 2222
3rd Julia. F Torrington 372
2nd Janelle. E Danielson 1706
1st Margaux. N Milford 1589
U-8 Boys
4th Lawson. L Wallingford 1365
3rd Chase. K Rockville 1359
2nd James. B Milford 1589
1st Jacob. S Winsted 844
U-10 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Greta. A Naugatuck 967
2nd Attila. J Danielson 1706
1st Ashlyn. H Milford 1589
U-10 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Jacob. B Manchester 1893
2nd Benicio. C Brandford 1939
1st Julian. V Naugatuck 967
U-12 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Colbie. G Danielson 1706
2nd Aubrey. G Enfield 2222
1st Mae. A Naugatuck 967
U-12 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Zadian. P Groton 2163
2nd Michal. Z Derby 571
1st Parker. Z Southington 1669
U-14 Girls
4th N/A
3rd Kelsey. B Rockville 1359
2nd Audrey. M Enfield 2222
1st Annalisa. P Waterbury 265
U-14 Boys
4th N/A
3rd Owen. T Danielson 1706
2nd Julian. S Milford 1589
1st Andre. F Enfield 2222
Francis A. Joyce award winners
Top Score 5 goal contest:
U-8 Girl Marguex. N Milford 1589
U-8 Boys Jacob. S Winsted 844 
Top Scores grid goal:
U-10 Girls Ashlyn. H Milford 1589
U-10 Boys Julian. V Naugatuck 967
East District                                    
U-8 Janelle E. Danielson 1706
U-10 Attila J. Danielson 1706
U-12 Colbie G. Danielson 1706
U-14 Kelsey B. Rockville 1359
U-8 Chase K. Rockville 1359
U-10 Jacob B. Manchester 1893
U-12 Zadian P. Groton2163
U-14 Own T. Danielson 1706
Central District
U-8 Andrea M. Enfield 2222
U-10 Tziporah D. Enfield 2222
U-12 Aubrey G. Enfield 2222
U-14 Audrey M. Enfield 2222
U-8 Lawon L. Wallingford 1365
U-10 N/A
U-12 Seager R. Enfield 2222
U-14 Andre F. Enfield 2222
Northwest District
U-8 Julia F.r Torrington 372
U-10 Greta A. Naugatuck 967
U-12 Mae A. Naugatuck 967
U-14 Annalisa P. Waterbury 265
U-8 Jacob S. Winsted 844
U-10 Julian V. Naugatuck 967
U-12 Parker Z. Southington 1669
U-14 N/A
Coastal District
U-8 Margux N. Milford 1589
U-10 Ashlyn S. Milford 1589
U-12 Molly C. MIlford 1589
U-14 N/A
U-8 James B. Milford 1589
U-10 Benicio C. Milford 1589
U-12 Michal Z. Milford 1589
U-14 Julian Sevillana Milford 1589

Area 1 Soccer Shoot Winners


November 2-4th.  


U 8 Nate M. - Honorable Mention - Milford Lodge 1589

U 10 Jack S. - Honorable Mention - Glastonbury Lodge 2202

U 12 Lucas V. - 2nd place - shoot-off - Naugatuck Lodge 967

U 14 Jack D. - could not attend - Milford Lodge 1589



U 8 Mandy L. - 2nd place - Glastonbury Lodge 2202

U 10 Jenna D. - Honorable Mention - Danielson Lodge 1706

U 12 Analisa P. - 2nd place - shoot-off - Waterbury Lodge 265

U 14 Kaelyn D. - Honorable Mention - Enfield Lodge 2222