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Ritualistic Committee

Peter Nelson, PDD

State Chairman

Peter Freiler PSP

Central District


Coastal District

Robert Brown PER

East District

Don Woscyna PDD

Northwest District


The goal for the Ritual Committee this year is to help the Lodge Officers develop a better understanding of the importance the Ritual makes on the impression of the new member. This is the Lodges second chance to grasp the attention of the new member, and hopefully want to make them get involved in their Lodge.

As a committee we will make ourselves available to any Lodge of individual Lodge Officer who would like our help. We know that most really do not think that either doing the Ritual from memory, or reading it (and reading what is on the page) makes a difference, but it does. So again please call us for any help that we can offer. We are here to serve you, please use us.

The whole purpose of the exemplification of the ritual is to impress the candidate with the lesson it teaches. The ceremony should be presented at all times from this standpoint. There is no activity throughout Elkdom that more consistently and continually furthers the fundamental principles of our Order than that of a dignified and impressive rendition of the ritual.

The first impressions are usually the most lasting and the opportunity for the Lodge officers to impress the candidate with the principles of our Order is on the night that he/she is initiated. It must be remembered that the first knowledge of the aims and principles of Elkdom is experienced when a candidate is being inducted as an Elk. Therefore, one of the most important contributions the officers of all Lodges can make is an impressive induction of a candidate into our great Order.



DD Visitation Esquire Introductions 



Pete Nelson PDD - CEA Ritual Chairman

Please Exalted Rulers and Officers. Before your next initiation or before you perform one of our many special rituals please sit down and as a group go through that particular ritual so you are well versed with that ritual.

Impress, impress, impress, these are the three key words to all rituals and speaking parts.




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