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Public Relations Committee

John Simko PDD

State Chairman

Kathleen Ackerman PDD

Central District
Shelia Parizo

Coastal District

Joshua Gray

East District

Steve Maheu

Northwest District

Jennifer Maheu/Steve Maheu




Within our Vision "To showcase each of the 31 Connecticut Elk Lodges through their benevolent efforts within their community" the Mission of the CEA Public Relations Committee is to "broaden the awareness of the benevolence of the Fraternal Order of  Elkdom throughout the State of Connecticut".

The Public Relations Committee, recognizes that each of the 31 Lodges in Connecticut, although unique in its owns ways, are common to each other in that we are all a part of a fraternal, benevolent organization that believes in a common mission as stated on the website to "help build stronger communities". We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work. We provide tomorrow's leaders, our youth, with lifelong skills; honor the Elks pledge to never forget our veterans; help the State Elks Associations accomplish their charitable objectives and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities. Like all Elks, the belief is that charity is the greatest of all virtues and that by sharing and giving we have the power to replace sorrow and despair with hope and confidence.

We are here to assist your Lodge and Lodge Public Relations Chairperson in whichever way we can to promote your Lodge efforts from the local level up through our Connecticut Elks State Association to the Grand Lodge. Along with your PR chairperson we are going to be aggressive this year with promoting your Lodges efforts. Hopefully an increase in membership will follow with the more awareness your community knows about your Lodge benevolence. 

If the Public Relations Committee can be of any assistance to your Lodge please contact your District Chairperson or myself.

Fraternally yours,

John P Simko, PDD

CEA State Chairman - Public Relations


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If you would like to submit anything for the next Newsletter, email it to John Simko PDD or your District Chairman!







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Maintain good Public Relations from your Lodge

By George E. Olson - GL Activities Committee Member

Republished from the GL Newsletter, October 2013 

Public relations is all about influencing audiences. When performed aptly, public relations can be an organization’s most valued resource for building brand value, maintaining vitality and establishing credibility. It is the practice of controlling the flow of information between your Lodge and public. Find Members who have strong conversation skills and understanding of our programs and let them provide the benefit.

Public relations doesn’t go off and on whenever you have the time or budget to throw at it. If you’re not actively participating in it, you’ll quickly find that your Lodge will soon be missing the public relations boat.

Public relations does not just happen. Every Lodge has done newsworthy programs, but they haven’t made the news. All of us have faced this problem. Remember, it doesn’t just happen; we have to make it happen. Public relations is a program that must be nurtured for it to continue to grow. While some things such as news events force information out quickly, other stories take time. When the story is about how Elks help, it raises the Lodge visibility, and can help with Member recruitment.

Why do we care about this? What are the goals of public relations and media coverage? A good public image will aid in recruiting Members, volunteers and sponsors whose donations keep our programs at a high level.

It is important to develop contacts with local media and determine the types of articles and pictures they prefer. If we give them the kinds of news they like, it is more likely they will use the news.

But the most important thing for a top notch public image is to perform meaningful and helpful programs in your community. This is the prerequisite to a good public relations program...having something worth boasting about.

And do not forget to use your newsletter and your Web page to pass your message on to your Members and other online followers. 



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You can now find on the Grand Lodge website ( the PDF fillable certificates for all our Teenager/Student programs, plus the Scouting certificates. You can also download a Public Relations power point presentation. All downloads are in non public Members Only section, under Grand Lodge Activities Committee downloads. Below is the Area 1 Power Point Presentation that was shown during the GLC in Reno.

Area 1 PowerPoint Presentation


Log in as a member, Click on Grand Lodge, Click on Grand Lodge Committee, Click on Public Relations

The Elks Media Relations Handbook

Unique Lodge Event Offers Unique Press Opportunities

Elks "Hoop Shoot"® Press Release Kit

History of the Elks

So You’re Planning to Stage an Event or Activity ...

The ABCs of Publicity

Making a Difference Through Publicity


Remember that all the time, effort and money that you and your Lodge contributes every year plays an important role in your community. Don't shortchange yourselves by not spreading the information and letting your community know! You have to make your own good press whereas bad press is always lurking in the dark. "Let the Darkness Out


Monthly Lodge Public Relations Form 

Lodge Public Relations Form


Grand Lodge PR Toolkit

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Grand Lodge PR Toolkit CD Order Form

Grand Lodge PR Toolkit CD Table of Contents


BPOE Public Service Announcments

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 On The Air - CEA Radio Campaign

 The Connecticut Elks Association ran a series of image commercials on key radio stations around the state in 2010.

Click here to listen to the CEA commercial!(MP3)

Click here to listen to the CEA commercial! (WMA)