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Membership Committee

Bob Magowan PDD

State Chairman

Randy Annino

Central District

Eric Svege PER

Coastal District

Ross Parker PER

East District

David Phillips ER

Northwest District 




"Keep Membership Gain Your Number One Priority!"

Bob Magowan, PDD - State Membership Chairman

July 2021

We all had a trying and difficult time with Membership last year but lets rally now and get back the members we lost with a strong Lapsation Committee.  

The record book shows 1,207 new members were initiated and 127 Re-instated.  As of March 31, our membership was 20,707.  

Now the work begins again, lets use the phrase Recover, Respond, and Renew to guide all our lodges towards a successful year..

You can start by completing the following activities.

1. Implement a Membership Team

2. Include all aspects of the Lodge in your Team.

3. Have milestones for each planed activity

4. Include actions designed to recruit and activate new Members.

5. Build a relationship with new and existing Members to increase retention.

6. Recognize success.

7. Result in at least a +1 gain in membership in each Lodge.

Each Lodge is encouraged to go to click on Membership Tool Kit in the Members only section and familiarize yourself with the varios tools provided.

If you have any questions or need any help please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or your District Chairman.