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Membership Committee

Andrew Caporossi, PDD

State Chairman

Michael Bonini, PDD

Central District


Coastal District

Ross Parker PER

East District

Karen Papp PER

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"Keep Membership Gain Your Number One Priority!"

Andy Caporossi, PDD - State Membership Chairman

October 10, 2017

As a result of the great efforts of members and Lodges, we are proud to report our state has achieved member growth for the third consecutive year!

Connecticut Elks have ended the 2016-17 Lodge year with a net 210 member gain! For the record, 1,467 new members were Initiated and 167 re-instated to give us a year end total of 20, 809 members.

Now the work begins again! In putting membership at the forefront of our endeavors, we can make our goal of continued growth a reality. Recruitment, Re-instatement and Retention is a proven formula for  success.

Continue efforts in recruiting individuals of good character in your community to join us in conducting our patriotic and charitable programs. Check out "50 Recruitment Ideas" by accessing the membership toolkit on

Approach members who have lapsed- invite them back and re-aquaint  them with the programs and social activities your Lodge has to offer.

Make sure existing members are kept aware of what's going on in your Lodge and the presence you have in your community through your newsletter, web site and social media. Pride in membership keeps members on the rolls!

Half way through the Lodge year, we have nearly 300 membership applications pending.  Schedule frequent initiations. Conduct a "special session" just for the purpose of initiation.  Afterwards, have a social to meet and greet your newest members. Always remember to have fun while growing your Lodge membership!

Let's keep the momentum going and work to give President Donna a 4th straight year of growing Elkdom in Connecticut!

Thanks in advance for your efforts!


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