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"Drug Abuse? No Excuse!"

2020-2021 National Theme

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Drug Awareness Committee

Lisa Berthiaume PDD

State Chairman

Julie Goode

Central District

Shelia Parizo

Coastal District

Patricia Miller

East District

Robert Ferone PDD

Northwest District


Poster/Essay/Video Contest Details

Drug Abuse?  No Excuse!

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Anti-Drug Campaign Launches Targeting Youth:

What Wouldn't You Give up for Drugs?

ELKS Drug Awareness Program and the DEA partners with SMOSH, a widely popular digital comedy youth-targeted site for a  powerful & emotionally driven campaign to bring awareness to the long-term effects of drugs through the organization's very first digital and social anti-drug campaign.

WHAT: New brand campaign features the SMOSH casthighlighting the devastating physical effect of drugs through a compelling video that transforms each of them in different ways and poses the question

"What Wouldn't You Give Up to Drugs?"

Content Breakdown:

  • Celebrity make-up artists depict the physical effects of various opioids and prescription drugs on young SMOSH talent, where each person is assigned to a drug without having any knowledge of the drug name or side effects
  • Video content captures the before and after, and reactions of each person as they see themselves for the first time with the shocking effects each drug has done to their face, hair, teeth and eyes
  • The SMOSH cast members are then brought together to react to one another's transformations, guess which drug was assigned to each of them and talk about what they would not give up for drugs; Viewers will see the very real emotional reaction these huge influencers have when they contemplate not only the physical transformation but what other frightful consequences this alternate version of them would face!


Campaign launched on October 3, 2017

WHERE:The 13 minute video launched on SMOSH's hugely popular SMOSH Pit YouTube channel, along with additional content running on SMOSH's Twitter & Instagram pages -  with a call to action asking young adults and parents to show us what they love and would never want to lose to drugs using the hashtags:

#ELKSDAP #whatyoulove

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U47PEdOhDbo

Twitter: https://twitter.com/smosh/status/915297923994312704

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BZzDxXmHhWH/?hl=en&taken-by=smosh





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Spreading the Drug-Free Message


Watch Elks Drug Awareness Program representative Milton Creagh address the delegates during the 2012 Elks National Convention in Austin, Texas

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PSA's from the Elks National Drug Awareness Program

The Elks National Drug Awareness Program has a wide variety of videos available discussing Drug Awareness programs.  




Drug Awareness Program Literature from the Elks.org website

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs
A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse
Legalizing Marijuana
Underage Drinking: Myths vs. Facts
Binge Drinking: Just the Facts
Tips about Tobacco
Kids, Cars and Marijuana
Tips about Cocaine
Anabolic Steroids - Hidden Dangers


Forms & Documents

Elks Drug Awareness Manual DAP 125

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Download the Drug Awareness Poster 2020-2021 

Download the Drug Awareness Poster, Essay & Video Contest Rules 2020-2021 

Download the Drug Awareness Essay Contest 2020-2021

Download the Drug Awareness Video Contest 2020-2021 

Download the DAP Video Parental Release 2020-2021 

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 CT Elks' First President's Volunteer Youth Service Award Recipient

By Lisa Berthiaume PER - CEA State DAP Chairman

Ryan Bell, a Sheehan High School freshman, was nominated by Wallingford Lodge No. 1365 to receive CT's first President's Youth Volunteer Service Award available through the Drug Awareness Program.  Ryan received a medallion and certificate of achievement with a congratulatory letter from President Obama at a special ceremony held at the Wallingford Lodge.  A minimum of 100 volunteer hours is required to be eligible for this award for his age group, but Ryan far surpassed that with over 600 hours of service.  Ryan has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Heifer International, volunteers within his local church at fairs and helps care for younger children during mass and assists in parking cars for the haunted house charitable event "Trail of Terror".  He also volunteers for Wallingford Elk functions such as the Children's Christmas and Halloween parties.  Ryan has accomplished all this while undergoing multiple surgeries for a craniofacial disorder he was born with.  Ryan truly exemplifies the character and qualities we, as Elks, hold dear.

As a reminder, this youth award, as well as an adult award, is available year-round through the Drug Awareness Program.  Please contact me for details on how you can honor your best volunteers in your Lodge.


Pictured (from l to r):  Peter Freiler, President of CT Elks Association
Ray Lilley, PER of Wallingford Lodge No. 1365,  Mayor William Dickinson
Ryan Bell,  Vice Principal (of Sheehan HS) Justin Marciano
Principal of Sheehan HS, Rosemary Duthie,  Lisa Berthiaume, PER, CEA State DAP Chairman