Pete G. Nelson, PDD - Manchester Lodge No. 1893

The donations continue to come in for Brenda Williams "Mitten Tree". Thanks again to Mike and Sharon Stewart, another full bag of hats, mittens, gloves, and scarfs have been collected and turned over to Brenda to give to CCMC.
And a special THANK YOU to Monsignor Tony from St. Patrick's Cathedral, for his generous donation of three bags of stuffed animals. And for the hats, mittens, gloves, and scarfs from St. Patrick's School both from Norwich. All of these items are headed to CCMC to help put a smile on a child's face. 
This brings the total donations of items to well over 1500. WOW over 1500 items, incredible. Again just think of how much more could have been collected and given to CCMC Safe Kids program on behalf of the Conn Elks Association  through this endeavor had more of the 21000 Conn Elks joined in and given.
My sincere appreciation and deep thanks to Brenda Williams, the Stewarts, Monsignor Tony, students and faculty from St Patrick's School, and members of the Manchester Elks, and Emblem Club 251 for taking on this challenge.
Together this group has once again proved  that  ELKS CARE/ ELKS SHARE.

Chic Rhodes, Chairman, CEA Golf Committee

This year’s CEA Annual Golf Tournament marks the 20th year of this gathering of Elks from all over the state to enjoy the comradery of a round of golf together and raise funds for our beloved State Major Project, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.
Once again, the committee has held the cost per person to $100, including golf, cart and dinner.  That is a great deal in today’s tournament arena.  We have done this to help enable golfers from every lodge, at every level of talent to come out, enjoy and support this great charity.
There are a few exciting changes to note in this year’s event:
  • Hole signs are still a very affordable and tax deductible $50.
  • Raffle donations are being accepted by any District Chair, so if you have something you would like to donate from yourself or a local business, just contact a committee member.
  • The raffle is being changed to a table raffle this year.  There are several exciting prizes being donated and this will allow participants to put their tickets to the prizes of their choice.
  • There will be a special “Pink Ball” contest within the tournament for every foursome to have a chance at a prize just for not losing their pink ball.
  • One of the Par 3 holes will be a 50/50 contest for players on the green.
Every lodge can have a foursome.  Just contact any member of the CEA Golf Committee and let them know your lodge will participate.  If you can bring a tax deductible donation for the raffle, that will help make this the best tournament yet.
We hope to see you in Bridgeport!

Pete G. Nelson, PDD - Manchester Lodge No. 1893

Pete Nelson PDD from Manchester Lodge 1893 is shown here presenting hats, mittens, and gloves to Safe Kids Director Luis Rivera (also a member Manchester 1893) and Dr. Kevin Borrup, Dr.PH, JD, MPA, Associate Director Injury Prevention Center Connecticut Children's Medical Center  donations received for the Mitten Tree project. 
The Mitten Tree project was started by Brenda Williams SEOY also from Manchester Lodge 1893, as an extension of the CEAs Safe Kids program.
At the end of last year Brenda sat down with Luis and inquired about the needs of children who have passed through the doors of CCMC for hats, mittens, and gloves. After some discussion it was resolved that the needs of these items for the children would defintly be a welcomed gift. That was all Brenda needed to hear. The next day the knitting of mittens, and hats began. Along with her mother Janice Williams from Florida over 100 pairs of mittens, and hats were made. She spread the word of this project using our website, along with getting the news out to the membership.
Her biggest supporters were Mike and Sharon Stewart from Putnam lodge, as well as members from Manchester lodge, and Emblem Club 251. All in all there were over 500 hats, gloves, and mittens turned over to CCMC and the Safe Kids committee by the members of CEA.
There is no project to big or to small that can't be accomplished with the rolling up of your sleeves and the never ending commitment of not only Brenda, but by anybody who lives and believes in our motto. ELKS CARE/ ELKS SHARE
Update on 2/13/19 - On Thursday, February 7th, Pete Nelson PDD on behalf of Brenda Williams SEOY delivered to CCMC Safe Kids Director Luis Rivera four hugh bags of hats, scarfs, mittens, and gloves all donated to Brenda's "Mitten Tree". 
Many thanks go out to Sharon and Mike Stewart for their continuous efforts in obtaining most of the items collected for this endeavor. There were well over 400 additional items turned over to CCMC.
To date Brenda's project has been fortunate enough to supply the hospital with almost 1000 assorted winter wear items to be distributed to needy children to help keep them warm during the cold winter months.
This is just another way for a few of our members to help show our communities that ELKS CARE & ELKS SHARE. That those in need are not forgotten, that Elks do care, and do provide without need of fanfare. That we as an organization want to help make our tomorrow's better for everyone.
Imagine almost 1000 articles of winter ware, collected by a handful of members. Think how much more could have been donated to CCMC if more had heeded the call for this cause. Our thanks to Brenda and those who helped her this past year.

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December 9, 2018

Members All,

In compliance with the Constitution and Statutes of the Connecticut Elks Association, President David Acanfora has announced that the 2018 – 2019 State Association Mid-Year Convention will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Branford Lodge No. 1939.  Exalted Ruler John Franco, PDD, the Lodge Officers and members of Branford Lodge wish to make your visit an enjoyable one.

  • Registration will be open from 8:30 a.m. to Noon.
  • Beginning at 9:15 a.m., there will be a series of Workshops/Team Building sessions. 
  • A lunch will be available at the Lodge from 11:30 to 12:45 for a nominal fee.
  • The business session will start promptly at 1:00 p.m.

Any State Chairman, who wishes to set up a display booth, should contact the Vice-President who oversees your committee for arrangements.

There will be a vote on the proposed By-Law Amendment during the session.

All Association Officers and State Chairmen should forward a copy of your Mid-Year Association report to me.  As approved by the Executive Board, reports on the floor will be very limited to allow time for informational sessions. If you could, please email a copy in a word file, it would be most appreciated; ( Please find attached the delegate form to be filled out and mailed ahead of time.



Phillip Stender, PDD

State Secretary

Location Branford Elks

Frank "Cheech" DeFazio, PDD - CEA Special Olympics Chrmn.

The 2018 Holiday Season opened up again with the CEA holding the Special Olympic Volley Ball event. This year was special because  the the event was held at The Hamden Hall Athletic Center in Hamden, Ct. Every thing worked out smoothly with the opening ceremony and the new team schedules. 

There were 23 volleyball teams  (265 players and coaches) that competed over the 2 day event. The teams were from R.I. and Conn. We had 106 Elk Volunteers for the 2 days to officiate the games. The Special Olympics Of Conn. thanked us again for holding their event. We are all looking forward to next year's Volley Ball event.