Rockville Lodge No. 1359 had never applied for a Elks National Foundation Beacon Grant.  They had heard some parents complain that there are a lot of school supplies that they have to purchase for their children.  Rockville Lodge decided to apply for the beacon grant and according to the guidelines, the backpacks and supplies were allowed. 

Lodge Secretary Claire Decker PER, contacted four different towns to see if they wanted to participate in the program.  She said ‘only one of them answered me.’  ‘So the Skinner Road & Maple Street in Vernon became the recipients of the $2000 ENF Beacon Grant we were awarded’, said Decker.  The school’s Maureen Kearney, who is the reading consultant for the Vernon Schools, was amazed that she could spend the whole $2000 on the backpacks & supplies for the students.  

After the articles were purchased by the Lodge, they held a "stuffing" party at Rockville Lodge and stuffed 130 backpacks with supplies.  There was even a little money left over, which the Lodge turned over to the schools representative Ms. Kearney for some additional supplies.  She was beside herself with the generosity of the Elks.