by SVP Kathi Ackerman and SVP Michael Johnson

STATE PRESIDENTS’ NIGHT – Saturday, May 15, 2021

Waterbury Lodge #265 will host a Special Initiation Ritual in honor of our State Association President James Sabio and Past State Association President Michael Bonini.  As stated above, the event will take place on Saturday, May 15, 2021 with the following schedule:

Social       2:00 PM

Initiation   3:00 PM

Dinner      4:00 PM

Dinner will be a served Buffet at a cost of $15

Dress Code: Black Tux: State Officers, PSP, Grand Lodge Dignitaries, PDD, Lodge Officers

              Business Attire: All Others

This is a great chance for everyone to witness the Initiation performed as it is intended and an opportunity for the State of Connecticut to increase our membership.

President Jim and Past President Mike have both worked hard to promote Elkdom in our state and motivate the membership to support the programs of our association. State President Night is our time to thank them for all they have done.

Please try and bring at least one new candidate to be initiated. Please make sure to bring the following: Member Card, Elk Member Lapel Pin, BPOE Statutes, Lodge Bylaws, American Flag, and anything else your Lodge may present to a new member.

Please confirm with either VP Kathi Ackerman or VP Michael Johnson if you plan to attend so that we can make the appropriate arrangements with Waterbury Lodge.  Our contact information is:

Michael:     Phone:  Home:  860-793-0689       Cell:  860-966-4106

Kathleen:  or   


    Phone:  Home: 860-342-1812   Cell: 860-301-3198