by Michael A. Bonini
CEA State President

To All Exalted Rulers:

The All-Connecticut Lodge Contest will be awarded yearly in the honor of Peter T. Affatato, PGER who was our State Sponsor for 28 years.

This year's contest form can be found on the Main Menu by selecting "Affatato Award".  Circle the points earned as listed in the point value column.

Where no points are shown in the point value column on the form, please list the points that the lodge earned in that area. Be sure to list all the different activities for which these points are being requested on a separate sheet by category.

If not properly documented, points will not be allowed. Please be careful that activities having a point value stated on the form are not included again for additional points on the backup material.

Sign and mail or sign & Email form to your District Vice President by April 30, 2020.

This is a most prestigious State Association Award. You must, however, enter in order to have a chance to win.