Frank "Cheech" DeFazio, PDD - CEA Leather Program

Now is the time of the year that we start collecting deer hides for our Veterans Leather Program. The opening of hunting season is upon us... or the deer. This is for all hunters not only those who are Elks members. Spread the word. We need the hides to have them tanned and turn them in to leather pelts for our vets in the VA Hospitals to work on.

The hides will again be collected at the main drop off at Middletown Lodge #771. Contact Glenn Davis or Bill Ackerman (both of Middletown Lodge). All we ask is that you salt them down and fold them. Last year we collected 59 hides. We are looking to double that figure so we make the most of the freight that the Grand Lodge is paying. All animal hides are accepted. If you have any questions call me.