By Jan Wankowicz, PSP
How often do you need to send a letter on behalf of your Lodge? Invites to Installation of Officers, Special Events, District Deputy visitations, notifications for investigating committee, orientations for new members, initiation of new members, and the list goes on and on.  Do you realize that in CLMS2PC this is a simple process to do as a group mailing?
If you haven't done this before it is easy enough to learn. Once you have CLMS2PC open go to the sharing screen and put in the appropriate information whether it is letters, queries, or reports and you will be asked to put in a Lodge number. Not sure what Lodge may have what you are looking for? Try 1589 or go to the secretary's forum at and ask who may have something to share, 2509 is another good one to try, once you have it downloaded you can copy and edit it to fit your individual Lodge. A good thing to do is to copy the original so once you edit it you can copy it again to make it easier to create your own for future use.
Now when you need to send a group letter you just go to mailings choose the group you are targeting then you are able to print them out. Don't want the whole group?  That's easy just go to the review and deselect the ones you don't want.

How about a Protocol list for those who aren't members of your Lodge but should be invited to certain functions? In CLMS2Web go to the add a new Protocol member screen and put the person's information in, including titles. All the information you need can be found in the State Directory located at This way when you go to print those invites for DD visits etc. all the information will already be there and your letters and envelopes will be specific to that individual.
CLMS is there to help make your job easier! The old days of handwriting everything are is in the past - go forward! It will only help your Lodge. 
The Connecticut CLMS Coordinators are PSP's Frank Hegedus, Peter Freiler, and myself. Our contact information can be found in the state directory and we stand ready to assist you.