Welcome to Manchester Elks Lodge 1893

30 Bissell Street, Manchester, CT 06040

Lodge Phone - 860-646-9262

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Lodge Meeting- Second & Fourth Wednesday at 7:30PM

House Committee Meeting- First Wednesday of the Month 7:00PM



Monday-Friday 11AM-10 PM
Saturday 11 AM-10 PM
Sunday 11 AM-10 PM


OFFICERS FOR  2020-2021:

Exalted Ruler Cindy Young
Esteemed Leading Knight Joseph Frederick, PER
Esteemed Loyal Knight Linda Bycholski
Esteemed Lecturing Knight Jacqueline Ray
Secretary Phillip Stender, PDD, PER
Treasurer Gerry Gallo, PER
Esquire John Bowden II
Chaplain Holly June Jacobs
Inner Guard Edward Bursawa
Tiler Christine Ray
Presiding Justice Lou Spadaccini
Trustee 5 Year Chris Terry, PER
Trustee 4 Year, Trustee Chairman Ted Clifford (Trustee Chair)
Trustee 3 Year Tom Waldo
Trustee 2 Year Kenny Acelin
Trustee 1 Year Randy Dumond
House Committee Chairman Phil Stender, PDD










John Grinvanski Manchester Elks new Veterans Chairman got a request to help the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT.  John brought some much-needed items (as seen in the photo) to the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT. "Caring for our Veterans is what we do!' Thank you, John! 

John Grinvanski Manchester Elk's new Veterans Chairman has set out to continue the good work of the committee. Veterans are hurting! The residents of the Dinda House are in a very vulnerable position: Transitioning from Rehab to work, but with no work to go to, they are having a difficult time. The Veterans Committee has gotten requests from the Dinda House and the Rocky Hill Veterans Home. John has picked up the items below for the Dinda house, and we will be providing hot meals    "Working together, making a difference!"


Cheers! Congratulations to Rick Berthiaume who is Manchester Elks Lodge #1893, 2020-2021 Elks of the Year! Looking forward to celebrating with you once we can be together again. 

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