Welcome to Willimantic Elks Lodge 1311

Home Lodge of Connecticut Elks Association 

Past State President Donna L. Wallace PDD

198 Pleasant Street, Willimantic, CT 06226

Lodge Phone - 860-423-1311





Lodge - First Wednesday starting at 7:30 p.m., except June, July, and December, when it is the third Wednesday

Board of Trustees - Second Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Board of Directors- 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7PM

 House Committee - 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM

Past Exalted Rulers Association - Meets Quarterly




12-7 PM


3-9 PM


3-10 PM

Saturday 12-10 PM


OFFICERS FOR 2021-2022

Exalted Ruler:

Pete Desaulniers PER

Esteemed Leading Knight:

Thomas White PER

Esteemed Loyal Knight:

Patti Spaulding

Esteemed Lecturing Knight:

Shaun Starkel


Joseph DeMarchi


Donna Wallace PSP, PDD




Shawn Kutschker

Inner Guard:

Matt Collins



Five Year Trustee:

David Russell

Four Year Trustee:

Gary Andrewski

Three Year Trustee:

Gary White

Two Year Trustee:     

Richard Dancosse PER

One Year Trustee:

George Delude

Events Coordinator:

Patty Murphy (860-576-0617)

House Committee, Chairman:

Mike Spaulding

President of the Past Exalted Rulers

Michelle Collins PER 

Lodge Email Contact:

Joe DeMarchi 


Willimantic Past Exalted Rulers

Willimantic ENF Hall of Fame

The Lodge has two Rental Halls for your wedding and anniversary needs

Lower Level Rental Hall accommadates up to 250 guests
Sweetheart Table lower level banquet hall
Upper Hall Rental accommadates up to 150 people



















A Little Taste of History within Willimantic Lodge

Prepared by Alex Coriaty PDD


Willimantic Lodge #1311 received its charter on March 31,1914 and was under the leadership of Willimantic’s 1st Exalted Ruler Daniel Dunn* (1914-1915). Lodge meetings were held in various locations throughout Willimantic including the French Club on Center Street, the Jordan Hardware Building and the Old Fellows Hall on Main Street.

The Lodge purchased land at its present location at 198 Pleasant Street on July 13, 1919 and Michael F. Sullivan* was the Exalted Ruler (6th) at that time. Construction took place at 198 Pleasant Street on April 2, 1925 and was completed in May of 1926.

The Lower Level Banquet Hall which holds up to 350 people and the Bowling Alleys off of the Grille Room were completed between February 1957 and May 1958. Willimantic Lodge has won the Connecticut Elks Association Ritualistic Championship four times, 1956-1957, 1965-1966, 1966-1967, and 1967-1968. Because of the dedication to the Connecticut Elks Association and the respect earned by Willimantic Lodge The Connecticut Elks Association named their Ritual Trophy after Arthur J.Roy ,PER,PDD,PSP,PGELK,PGT,PSDGER.

Florimond Lussier the Lodge’s 52nd Exalted Ruler (1965-1966) is the eldest living Past Exalted Ruler with 49 years and counting.

Willimantic Lodge has had three Past State Presidents, George W. Hickey*, Arthur J. Roy*, and Alan W. Lyon* and eight Past District Deputy Grand Exalted Rulers, Arthur J.Roy*, Eric H. Lind*, Alan W. Lyon*, Edward R. Volle, James P. McMahon, Edward J. Waitte, Donna Wallace, and Alex Coriaty.

The Lodge has seen two men serve two terms as Exalted Ruler. Leonard “Jake” Tompkins in 1973-1974 and again in 1982-1983. The second being Jeffrey Zizka who served back to back terms in 1990-1991,1991-1992.

In its 100 year history Willimantic Lodge has one father/ son Exalted Ruler combination when in 1994-1995 Charles A. Coriaty* served as Exalted Ruler. His son Alex C. Coriaty served as Exalted Ruler in 1997-1998.

During the 1997-1998 year Donna Bessette became the lodge’s first female member.

The Lodge in 2003-2004 celebrated its first female Exalted Ruler in Donna Wallace.

The Lodge also celebrates its first Husband and Wife Exalted Ruler combination when in 1998-1999 George St. Germain* served as Exalted Ruler. His wife Marion St. Germain served as Exalted Ruler in 2005-2006.

On September 21, 2008 Willimantic Lodge had the honor of hosting the Grand Exalted Ruler Visit. Approximately 240 elk members from across the state welcomed Grand Exalted Ruler Paul D. Helsel and his lovely wife Jane. The Grand Exalted Ruler is from Newark Lodge #2281. Also in attendance was Connecticut's Jurisdictional leader the Honorable Peter T. Affatato, Past Grand Exalted Ruler, and his lovely wife Irene. Willimantic Lodge last hosted a GER Visit in 1981.

In September of 2009 The Grand Lodge approved the merge between Norwich Lodge #430 and Willimantic Lodge. Members in good standing of Norwich Lodge were allowed the opportunity to become members of Willimantic Lodge. Some of the Norwich members decided to join the New London Lodge #360.

On July 7,2010 at the Grand Lodge Convention in Orlando, Florida, Donna Wallace was installed has District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler-Connecticut East. Donna is the second female in the State of Connecticut to be appointed to this high honor.

On September 20,2012, Willimantic Lodge had the honor of hosting the Grand Exalted Ruler Visit.  Approximately 200 Elks members from across the state welcomed Grand Exalted Ruler Thomas Bazier and his lovely wife Venita.  The Grand Exalted Ruler is from Santa Cruz Lodge #824, in California.  Also in attendance was Past Grand Exalted Ruler the Honorable David Carr, and Connecticut's Special Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler the Honorable Robert W. Hansen, SDGER, PGLIG, PGLCC, PSP,PDD.

On April 13, 2013 Willimantic Lodge will be installing its 100th Exalted Ruler in Donald A. Bajger, the Lodge will celebrate its 100th year of Elkdom during the 2013-2014 Lodge year. 

On June 2, 2013 Donna Wallace PDD became Vice President of the Connecticut Elks Association.  Donna is the 1st female Vice President in the Connecticut Elks history and has the opportunity to become the State’s first female State President.