GER Visit to Connecticut

Oct 26, 2023 | In The News

On Sunday, September 24th, the Grand Exalted Ruler visit to Connecticut took place. Things went extreemly well, except there was a lot of rain which restricted activities to the interior of Westbrook Lodge.

The Grand Exalted Ruler was impressed with Westbrook Lodge and was very gregarious in meeting the members of Connecticut. His keynote address at dinner was highlighted by his desire for the members of Connecticut Elks lodges to have strong community involvement which would foster future membership growth. The members of Connecticut were very loud in responding to his call. We are THE ELKS! The GER was pleased to hear the loud responses from the members present.

An unexpected event occurred when we learned from our new State Sponsor, Past Grand Exalted Ruler, Bruce Hidley, that at the New York convention the previous evening, Grand Exalted Ruler Shook, auctioned off several items raising money for the New York State Elks Association charities. Mr. Shook is a professional auctioneer.

The Exalted Ruler from Westbrook presented the Grand Exalted Ruler with a bottle of wine and asked the GER if he would auction it, and the funds would go to the GER’s charity.

The auction event was something that those present will never forget. GER Shook was outstanding. His professional auctioneer performance went so well that a simple $12 bottle of Wine, sold for $750 at this impromptu auction.

The State of Connecticut was pleased to be able to host GER Shook and First Lady Wanda, and wishes them a successful year.



Photos from the GER Visit to Connecticut

Courtesy of Rich Poole, PER – Chairman CEA Public Relations Committee