Contest ‘A’ – All American Lodge

Aug 8, 2023 | In The News

How can my Lodge have a good year, a better year, even an exceptional year? The All American Lodge Contest is ready to help!

Questions Exalted Rulers ask at the start of the Lodge year include, what are our strengths? Where do we need improvement? Are we doing better or slipping in some areas? Where can we best target our resources and efforts this year?

Lodges should use the All American Lodge Contest as they develop their “Annual Lodge Plan for Success”! The criteria are extremely useful in assessing and tracking Lodge performance across three (3) basic areas of Elkdom: 1) membership & ENF donations; 2) programs and grants; and 3) administrative and ritual activities.

Our Order succeeds and grows when all Lodges consistently, annually ask these questions and develop a manageable plan for improvement. The All American Lodge Contest recognizes and awards the very best Lodges in six (6) membership divisions. A few Lodges will be proud to be in the TOP TEN, even fewer will be recognized as 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place All-American Lodges, but many Lodges and our entire Order will show improvement year after year if the contest becomes a routine part of our organization’s culture!

At the annual convention in July, your Lodge will receive an Exalted Ruler’s Thumb Drive with the Certification entry form, and instructional letter, under the Grand Lodge Fraternal Committee tab. Carefully follow the directions while completing the contest form. When your form is complete, certify and send it, along with required backup documentation, to your District Deputy postmarked by April 1st.

The TOP TEN in each division will be published in the July GL Newsletter and the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place All American Lodges will be announced and receive awards at the Grand Lodge Session in July. This is your Lodge’s opportunity to be recognized before the entire Order of Elks as the best there is, an All American Lodge!

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