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Drug Awareness Committee

Lisa Berthiaume PER

State Chairman

Julie Goode

Central District

Bonnie Mullin PER

Coastal District

Patricia Lirot

East District

Marlene Madzek PER

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Ray Lozano, a drug and substance prevention specialist and youth speaker and CEO of Prevention Plus, once again visited our state on October 5-7 to entertain and educate CT students with information about the dangers of underage drinking and marijuana. Ray has educated and entertained thousands of students in hundreds of schools all over the country as well as internationally. Ray's presentations, “Pee, Puke and Passout” and “High Expectations”, were well received by the students and school faculty.

The tour began at Notre Dame High School in West Haven for the entire student body where the 9th & 10th graders heard Ray's “Pee, Puke and Passout” presentation and the upper classmen heard "High Expectations". The next day Ray traveled to Lyman Hall High School in Wallingford where the entire student body heard "Pee, Puke and Passout" and that same afternoon traveled cross-country to Putnam where the entire student body of Putnam High School were enlightened with a combined talk of alcohol and marijuana. The last day Ray spent at Mark T. Sheehan High School where the 9-12th graders heard Ray's "Pee, Puke and Passout" presentation. The day finished out with Ray's visit to Hamden Middle School in Hamden where students heard the "High Expectations" presentation. Overall Ray connected with over 32,000 students and adults. 


Ray with students of Putnam High School's S.A.D.D. committee


Spreading the Drug-Free Message


Watch Elks Drug Awareness Program representative Milton Creagh address the delegates during the 2012 Elks National Convention in Austin, Texas

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PSA's from the Elks National Drug Awareness Program

The Elks National Drug Awareness Program has announced the release of three new public DrugAwareness[1]service announcments. They are on prescription drug use and marijuana use. The links below are to the PSA's hosted on YouTube.com.

Elks PSA 001 Marijuana 071912

Elks PSA 002 Prescription Funeral 071912

Elks PSA 003 Prescription All 071912



Milton Creagh Music Video

Click here to check out Milton Creagh (as Bigg Milt)

featuring Isaiah Washington in “What's Going On?”





Drug Awareness Program Literature from the Elks.org website

How Can I Tell If My Child Is Using Drugs
A Parent's Guide to Preventing Inhalant Abuse
Legalizing Marijuana
Underage Drinking: Myths vs. Facts
Binge Drinking: Just the Facts
Tips about Tobacco
Kids, Cars and Marijuana
Tips about Cocaine
Anabolic Steroids - Hidden Dangers



Interesting Facts about the production of Elroy 

- The Kincaid Karacter Company currently produces about 10-12 Elroy mascots per year or about 300 Elroys since 1985.

- Doug Kincaid is the only person on planet Earth (and proud of it!) who has personally handled and/or worked on every single Elroy Elk costume that we have produced.

- Bill Kincaid hand built the original Elroy Elk costume prototype himself taking the initial concept and expanded upon it; he exaggerated Elroy’s glasses, hands, feet, gave him a rounder, more pear shaped body, and made his head, snout, and antlers more rounded off, all while still retaining all the initial “trademark” details that Mr. Womack had in his initial sketch: Round black glasses, a red ball cap, Red bow tie & suspenders, Yellow shirt with three Red buttons, Blue jeans with a Red & White polka dot patch on the knee and Brown shoes.

- The Kincaid Karacter Company has manufactured Elroys in three different cities where they have had workshops- St. Louis (originally & currently), Orlando, and New York.
Although Elroy’s most common outfit is the one described above, over the years, Elroy was provided with the following outfits for special occasions: a Black tuxedo, a Chef’s Hat& Bar B Que Apron, a striped referee outfit, and a Santa Claus outfit.

- Due to constant upgrades with the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, the current version of Elroy Elk weighs about 20 lbs less than the 1985 version!

- A 2012 complete Elroy Elk Mascot Costume weighs about 23 lbs.

- It takes about 6-8 weeks to manufacture a new Elroy Elk costume from scratch.

- There are so many Elroy Elks in existence all over the country that, in the last 27 years, there has hardly ever been a time there was not one in the shop- either a new one being built or an older one back in for cleaning or refurbishment.  


DrugAwareness[1]The Elks Drug Awareness Program has once again teamed with Marvel Entertainment and the federal government's Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to bring you the Hard Choices comic book, featuring Marvel Super Heroes and Elroy the Elk in a battle against underage drinking!

Hard Choices is designed to educate fourth- through eighth-graders about the perils of underage drinking. Almost 600,000 comic books were sent to select elementary and middle schools in Elks communities across the nation.
Want see Elroy the Elk and his Superhero friends in Hard Choices? Look no further. This year, the comic is available right here in digital format! To Check It Out Click Here!



Forms & Documents

Elks Drug Awareness Manual DAP 125

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